15 pip Trade

After Yesterday News , it seems Draghi is telling us or Draghing us to Long the Euro because its a massive Bull Trend. SO I decided to be a buyer and instead the search for any fresh or little demand because All I need was a minimum of 10 pip per day.

Demand spotted on the 5 min chart.

Demand spotted on the 5 min chart.

Looking the hourly it is consolidating or looking for dips ( fresh buyers ) and here I spot this little demand, telling BUY here. And so I put the BUY limit at those demand 1.32545.

Why I took it ? Simply because Demand Exceed supply at that price and the strength, period even profit margin all had a good score of 2. And the retracement no doubt is a 2.

So I put a pending BUY limit at 1.32545 and a SL at 1.3240 with a TP at 1.3270. And so the price did what it suppose to do as per Demand Supply equation.

The trade close for a 15 pip.

+15 pip with a 25 Lot

+15 pip with a 25 Lot


What did I learn ?

I compare the Demand level with a candlestick chart and it confirms with the Point and Figure chart.

What did I do Best ?

I execute my plan without exiting early.

What should improve or change ?

Nothing and continue as part of my routine.

What’s Next ?

Look for any massive dip for a massive Buy!

REAL live Statement

REAL live Statement


Good day and happy pip-ing!!


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4 thoughts on “15 pip Trade

  1. Sow says:

    Great result, it seems you break ur entries into chunks but it’s not scaled in. Why is this? What’s the benefit?

    • Haji says:

      IN fact I used Bigger lot, its the dealer that breaks my position into chunks in order to fill the orders as per available liquidity.

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