11 pips is enough

Not much I could say on today’s market but it responses pretty good with the supply on the weekly. Still the drop was not that significant. SO we might see some buyers down near the 1.3080 or below at 1.3000.

I had a pending order of 1.30888 Long with a SL at 1.3073 and a TP at 1.30988 for a 10 pip. But the orders went filling at a close of 1.31017. so that gives extra’s even it cost 1 pip. For me that’s just enough for the day. That’s a $2500 profit in fact. I was using a 25 lot position.

+11 pip Profit



I trade the EURUSD pair as per Norm. Planned it before hand. I did an hour of analysing and found that the hourly demand spotted at 1.3090 ish. So I Look into a smaller time frame and found at better entry on the 5 min chart at 1.3088. Its a low risk entry and a high reward demand. It was in accordance of the odd enhancer checklist and all scored more than 8. So to me that’s good enough.

So what did I learn from this trade ?

SO far the norm. I plan it, I execute it without doubt objectively as per Demand supply equation. I had enough 7 hours of rest so when I did the analysing bit and planning, I was focus.

SO what did I do best ?

I trade as plan. Journal it, and waited patiently. PRobably the best thing was I had no feeling of emotion at all when it happen. I’m probably going mad …. so cold and emotionless.

What should have improve ?

Nothing. Continue without change.

What’s next ?

Sleep and have a good night rest and see if there is any opportunities for another 10 pip tomorrow.



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7 thoughts on “11 pips is enough

  1. Harry says:

    Dear sir, amazing analysis and position in the trade. I am a beginner trader and admire your technique on how you position yourself for a 10 pip move. Thank you for sharing your great wisdom with other traders like myself, it’s the best education for trading. H

    • Haji says:

      you can find out more by searching on google Sam Seiden. He is pretty much the specialist in Demand and supply.

      • Harry says:

        Dear sir, thank you for the tip and will google him. Please keep up the dairy of your trades, I read them all the time and apply myself to the technique. Sir, are there any books I read on about the strategy you use? Hope your well. Harry

      • Haji says:

        most of the strategy I used are self developed ones. Not in the books. sorry…

      • Harry says:

        Sir, I’m from the Uk and its hard to find people who have similar interests like trading, do you think it’s important to have a mentor in trading ? I trade the Gbp/usd and in the last 2 weeks have observed your trading style in action. As a beginner, do u think watching the market is a good learning process?

      • Harry says:

        Thank you for your feedback. Sir, I’m always watching market action on the gbp/usb, what would you recommend a novice like me to do understand high contract size/low pip positioning? Any help will be grateful sir

  2. Haji says:

    It is very important to have a mentor, to properly coach your progress. I recommend Online Trading Academy which has a very strong core knowledge and you get to trade real money with them. Watching the market won’t get you anywhere accept to urge you to get some quick buck like a quick fix, Stick to your money management, always risk 1% until you gain experience and a bit more knowledge and even learn from your own mistake which will cost you a lot of money. Trading forex is not a free mistake. It will take your mentality and life even psychologically. All professional trader had to go through the agony. Even with full time backtesting can make a mistake. Its all about your mindset being ready. Trading forex is trading in an uncharted area, simply the transfer of funds from loser to winner or from someone who knows to someone who do not know.

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