Hello everyone. I know its been a while. BUt here is most of my real live trade update at Its a great way to journal your trade as it has a MT4 sync.

SO I wont  be updating my Trade Journal here instead will be at this link below.

Have a  good day everyone.



7 thoughts on “NEW JOURNAL

  1. azraei says:

    alhamdulilah, good to know 🙂

  2. Hi Mr. Warithu, This is shakti, i’m not an aspiring forex trader, but I’ve a mission, to help 10,000 people achieve financial freedom by may 2013.Your trading strategy is amazing, it involves control,vision and discipline, and this lacks in many traders. And thats why i feel that your mentorship will help me a lot in accomplishment of the mission. I know you’re busy in trading and taking care of family, but if u can just take out few minutes, i would really appreciate it, just contact me back on twitter so that i can elaborate my vision.

    Shakti Pradhan

  3. Hey Haji, Its Shakti. I’ve read your whole blog today, and loved each post of psychology and discipline.Your strategy is completely different from other traders, it’s not based on money, but based on discipline and manipulation of trades, and this is what makes it special.
    I know that you don’t check your blog a lot because you’re busy trading and writing, but i really need your help, i want to open an online proprietary trading website, where novice traders will get trained from exceptional traders like u.

    That is the big goal, but my smallest goal starts from your participation, i would really appreciate if you can permit me for some mentorship and guidance for opening our firm if you wish.

  4. Gemon says:

    I followed your trade,but I see that you are changing your trading method right??
    Because your lot and target pip …it’s so different from the past

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