The 10 pip trade example from my live setup .

PLAN                                                     Short term for 28 Feb 2012

GOAL – 2 Trade per day

Target – Total 10 pips

TP each trade – 5 pips

Lot Size – 60 Lot

Time Frame – 5 min Chart

Trade 1

Buy @ 1.34094

TP @ 1.34144

SL @ 1.3400

Trade 2

Buy@ 1.3427

TP@ 1.3432

SL @ 1.3418

Psychological Profile : I did sleep 3 hours extra during the day to cover the late sleep in the evening last night. After that extra sleep , I feel fresh and focus. I see better on the chart when I am fully well rested.

While waiting: I was editing the SKyrim games data, to give extra edge on my character in the game. The creation kit is super awesome!


The trade went on as planned during the European session open. It trigger and close just like that. Trade 1 completeed with  +5 pips  Profit @ $ 3000 USD

It nearly touched my SL just by a mere 1.4 pip. CLOSE by that MUCH!

Next Trade 2. Awaiting for the planned setup trigger. Also while waiting , Look for any fresh demands.

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One thought on “EURUSD Trade

  1. Vibol says:

    Hi haji, do you use litmit entry? I paper trade using SD too I seem to miss the trade more most of the time by 1-3 pips.


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