Hotforex Review

Probably this broker is still new but it has grown more since its able to deliver most trader’s trading requirement. I have been trading the broker since end of October. What can I say about it. Well for a start, the execution is excellent. Well in fact thats the market order, I doubt it will be the same with the normal account since I am using its currenex mt4 bridge.

Of course the commision is $5 per 1 lot . In terms of service , they are very quick with the reply of any clients doubt. It has various method of depositing and withdrawing. It has pamm service for those traders who wants to make a star trader.

Price feed are good giving a good indication of price. There are times the server disconnected for a few 1 -2 min. They are still on the upgrade on that side. Whats more the bonus program are excellent with a a rescue fund available in case your trade turn to margin call.

The spread are cheaper for those scalpers out there. Easy withdrawal and deposit with hassle free. The dedicated account manager are reliable reps for any inquiry and can make all process done!

here is the link to open an account or browse for any service you think good for your trading profile.


27 thoughts on “Hotforex Review

  1. Hamid Achour says:

    Hello I have to add that this broker became more interesting and grown up into my eyes since they have started to promote themselves heavily this month, they have got many contests and promotions going on and its all good for experienced traders, veterans and newbies to make some lets say easy money by doing simple things as referring the broker to friends or participating to a demo contest or a prediction competition, I am very pleased to be on of their clients and I would be as long as they go on working this way and giving opportunities to everyone !

    • Azario Garlonos says:

      Fast top ups and withdrawal managed to earn some money with them on gold. Platform is stable spreads are tight without widenings in sideway movement. Got some slippage trading China PMI and UK news but they’re tolerable.
      Overall I’m contented with the services of this broker.

  2. Murat says:

    After spending 1 year with hotforex I realized that this broker is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I completely trust this company and can be sure that my funds are safe. I’ve never been deceived and I didn’t notice that the company does something against me as some brokers did to me in the past. I get my profits constantly and withdrawal process is pretty fast by the way, I am think about zulutrade account as they have adopted it as an option lastly, in addition they have become one of the best out there as they are listed on GBOT since a couple of weeks already I think.

  3. Tony Sabana says:

    this broker has gone a long way since then, I agree with the review posted above, and they have grown significantly, issues are always there every now and then, but what i like about them is how they deal with it and assure clients satisfaction and thats really rare today. I have been trading with them for almost a year now, and all i can say is I hope they continue to succeed.

  4. Sam Pedon says:

    very good services, tight spreads and withdrawals are on time. a good broker worth mentioning, trading with them for half a year live with no complaints.

  5. Adamo says:

    Last weekend, I was shocked to know LR was closed. I was worried about my money on Hotforex since I have deposited that amount via LR and I have contacted CS. They told me that I could withdraw my money via other payment service as Skrill or Neteller. Luckily, I had one Skrill account and now I’m so happy to see my money on my bank account.

    • Haji says:

      Yes they did. I heard speculation that the Owner of LR were arrested due to illegal activities child pornography and money laundering. so I assume that services will no longer exist. I never had used them anyway. I prefer normal wire transfer or via debit card. Much faster and reliable and safer.

  6. Aly Dan says:

    they do have good services, this broker is stable and better than a lot of brokers out there, execution is fast, spreads on EURUSD is ok, no problems with withdrawals at all. I trade a lot on mobile, but use MT4 for charting, its very convenient. I hope they continue to improve.

  7. TQ_trader says:

    My 2nd broker in my trading career, the first broker force me to wait 30 days to withdraw the balance. It’s so terrible! HotForex verification process is faster a lot. I have traded with this broker for over 9 months and everything is good so far.

  8. Anthony says:

    I have traded with this broker for over a year and the services it offers are very good. My EA run well there, sometime it got slippage but I know it’s a part of trading when news occured. The CS have helped me to solve the withdrawal issues very fast. It’s reliable.

  9. Santos says:

    yes definitely this broker is good and they do have a good reputation across the web. hotforex is one of two brokers i trade with and im quiet satisfied with the results so far.

  10. Sam Jones says:

    No withdrawal delays, always within the given time limit. very nice and professional support. document verification was a bit strict but aside from that trading is doing very good.

  11. robinzon says:

    Broker is perfect in terms of STP execution and other trading conditions. Spreads are always within normal range, may increase during some important fundamental events. Support is very courtesy, heedful and helpful, readyto help you 24/7. There is special note about their contests, it is not fake as other broker have you can really win and withdraw big sum of money or win a trip to exotic island. I think we can miss that chance…

  12. Jessa Pilo says:

    Good experience so far, withdrawal process is great and on time. The platform is stable and fast, spreads tend to widen during events but aside from that its actuall better than what i have anticipated. good broer over all

  13. Alamat says:

    one of the good brokers out there, good services and offers.

  14. Mark says:

    Hotforex is best broker in the Market, good spread and withdrawal is same day, highly recommended to everyone.

  15. Bang Lang says:

    This broker offers various type of account from standard to true ECN account that give many options for trader to choose. I opened a premium account last 4month and successflly withdrew 2 times.

  16. Bjerg says:

    Have been trying for 5 months, this CySec regulated broker work more professional than other brokers. Minimal deposit ($150), fast execution and low spread on most assets. Too good. I am planning to open their zero spread account to test the promised spread, I have withdrawn sucessfully 3 times so it’s good so far.

  17. Phuong 4D says:

    I was introduced this broker through a friend, he is also a trader and IB. I did test their demo account for several months and no problem happened. I have deposited $100 through my Visa and the fund has been credited instantly and I earned a little so far. Overall, I recommend this broker.

  18. Hussam Ali says:

    I started with 145 dollars last November, I make one withdrawal good one, very quick. no issues with withdrawal or deposit, good service and support has local language. I happy with trading experience of hotforex.

  19. Hengki Wijaya says:

    Glad to find reputable broker which offers credit bonus in amount of 100%! Now I can’t hedge my trade from other broker with 0 risk and make a good profit. Spreads are quite tight on majors so it makes sense to scalp there.

  20. tammy says:

    a reliable broker, so far so good, trading is going smooth, ease of scalp, just have to avoid the big news and events, no issues with withdrawal, well balanced broker.

  21. Jared Fx says:

    Zero spread account is very scalping friendly, raw spreads allow to make cheap trades on flat market. Commission is 8$ round-turn but I haven’t noticed significant spread widenings during NY session. There is a lot of other trading products and features they offer but I haven’t tested them yet just practice on majors to get a knack on frequent trading with low profit/ low risk profile. Rate them 4.5 from 5

  22. pipette war says:

    Testing their platform with 200 bucks deposit, seems they use aggregate ECN liquidity pool as on some pairs its much better than with other brokers. Zero spread account is fine for scalping on majors pairs as spreads are really tight, close to raw, supplying by LP, also want to point out how their CS handle inquiries, quite professionally and in timely manner. Like the thing that they always make upgrades to their trading platform, adding news instruments,etc.
    Great broker.

  23. dale says:

    I have nothing much to say, they exceed expectation and live up to their reputation, a good broker indeed.

  24. Lisa says:

    I have to agree, hotforex is a good broker, they have good services and no complaints, they were recommended to my be a colleague, and have been trading with them for almost 6 months now and so far so good.platform execution is excellent, no issues with withdrawal at all, active support and well mannered.

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