Innovation of Short Term Trading

For the past few months of research on Scalping strategies, effective of the ever 10 pips exit, I found out that more easier to gain with a 5 pip even better. Of course if we were to consider the loss vs win ratio, its pretty ugly. But the average win that the possibility to gain 5 pip are far more better and effective IF you know when to time the entry of course. Its not a matter of just clicking buying or selling. I also discover that flow trade that some people do is really are in tune with the market price.

Amazingly this people or Traders do better at it. Considering a scalper, this might effectively easy for him/her to trade easy money out of the Forex market. 5 pips with say 1 currency pair with 8 trade per day goal. European open or London open and NY open breakout or at supply or demand price levels. So this was the account I traded so far with using 5 pips. Considering a bigger spread, this might proven difficult. Luckily GO market is cheaper on the spread.

Manage to do 10 trades with all wins. Each trade profit of $750 except 1 trade with 10 pips of $1500 profit.
WIll be performing this full scale . See if I can turn small account into a super account in 3 months.


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