Great school Holiday

Spending quality time with my family is far more important then my job even as a trader. Would I spent that much , would I bother the cost ? NO, simply there is no substitute in that happiness of a family. It is great pleasure and fun. It permanently implanted into the memories. Had a great time , What I love about was that my eldest son, manage to score in his bowling first time ever higher and was the top. I was the last person to score and could not even win at all.

How I wonder children get all those quick understanding in learning the game. Simply to put it was FUN. When FUn and excitement, sparks an interest. With this interest, anything they want to know becomes easy to learn.

The other day, both my son went looking at my computer screen where all the charts of my trades , setup and completed trades were shown. My son ask me , what do we look for dad ? All i did say was, just look for the shape of the candle. It is a pattern. All you need to do was just look for that and then press buy or sell. simple as that.

And with excitement, they all said, thats easy job dad. I should try this. Of course I showed them the backtester program and how I repeatedly move through each candle at a time. They all said, there it is, BUY it dad!  And it closes for a profit. Even my children were so specific about those pattern and they say, one day they will test it and trade it live.

I guess my work has influence my children to think about the market at an early stage. Iwill not be suprise if my children becomes the youngest millionaire to beat wall street. Implementing to their way of thinking right now, not knowing about greed which I doubt they had any yet, might even make them a discipline trader at an early stage. I will see to that will one day happen, and my next best predeccessor will be my very own children and my other felllow students.


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