Small things can make Bigger effect

We take our lives sometimes for granted, without thinking and appreciate the value of our own self while fulfilling our needs. That’s human, perfectly acceptable. When in comes to trading, it all matters, just like any job in the world. You need proper sleep, proper meals then you can focus on the job.

Your health determines your performance. Proper meals, means proper chemical reactions into your body so that you can properly feed the brain to think more rational and logics becomes a fast process. You see what you are suppose to see rather seeing what you feel. Having enough rest, proper sleeps making that brain function to rest after a day’s work processing so many information over a few second for the last 12 hours. It does make the difference. You are resting your machine processor to enable you to be more refresh and open mind in accepting and change. You become more flexible and adapt , in tune to the moment not the feel of the moment.

These are important routine that are to be considered when someone involves a job in trading. This is what we called Trading in the Zone. They may be small things but the effect overall are largely influence by this small matters. It affects your decision making and management. Apply it to any job, it does make the same meaning and purpose to that routine.

Now recently I had a talk with my Belait Traders, they are so eager to trade and yet they have not master their self, self control , not knowing what or where their limit of in terms of psychology and mental preparation. All I had to explain to them was this simple stuff that affects their lives. I even challenge them, make your body and mind , treat them like shit, and see the performance you can get out of trading. It will reflect towards their trading.

When your mother tells you eat your meal, sleep early, it is true what their advice us  was to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can do and work effectively in any means of jobs or even study. These smalls things has a large ripple effect towards your decision making.

So , make it routine, change your habit, make your self positive, have a healthy routine,  your trading will be consistent and positive as well!

Happy Trading..


2 thoughts on “Small things can make Bigger effect

  1. Aj himura says:

    Great Advice , ppl at my workplace shud umderstand why i come late in the office…. If only they are thinking like traders…

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