Winning Mindset

Early this week suffered a loss with 3 consecutive loss in a row from MOnday till tuesday. It was frustrating but I try to keep remind my self continue on since i have a system of 85% winning strategy, so this losses is just for a while, It never last long as much long as my winning. SO I am not worried about that. How I remind my self is by implementing this reminder in my Trade Plan also a post it note of my trade reminders infront of my Desktop screen.

SO As I continue to trade to win, the winning trade came back and it brings back more motivation and believe that trading is continous, as much as I do backtesting, continuously. SO What I lost of 25% of my equity is now beginning to return. My long term trade seems to go well, shorting the GBPUSD at 1.6320 and currently on breakeven. SO Riding the profit towards 1.5400.

What will be the end of this month performance may be slow. Lately I have not blog much because so busy teaching and trading at the same time. I have not updated my blog website and this blog as well. A lot of maintenance pending to update as well.

So lately Had enough sleep and trade has began to focus.


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