Strategy 10 : Low Risk High Rewards System

Ever since I wrote my ebook of ROb Booker’s Original Strategy 10, after numerous backtesting experimentation, I manage to pulled it off using just candlestick pattern on a 5 minutes chart, and a 1 hour chart SR. Manage to create a system on how to get 10 pips which was so easy to achieve and it is a high probability system hence uses large position size does matter. Over 1200 trade backtesting, the result was between 85% to 90% profit probability.

You can email me for the ebook at Primarily it uses Support Resistance level and a combination of Candlestick pattern ( reversal pattern ).

I will try to make it available on the account statement as soon as possible. It may take a while before I produce it online Live.

I had backtested it several times and hundreds and thousands of trades on Forex Tester to prove its validity, and it does seem to work well. Traded it live before and it was one of the great way to grow your equity with patience , taking only 10 pip daily. I had the idea long ago when I had blown my 4th time. After that I try to reduce my profit taking, because I deduce that long time ago, I always become less stable in decision making when too much profit taking run consecutively. Therefore reducing it to a strict 10 pips only, I manage to grow it exponentially.

All I did was trade 3 trades per day on 2 currency pair mainly the GBPCHF anf GBPJPY because this 2 pair tend to move more than a 100 pip daily. I hope you do your testing before commiting it to trade live because I would not recommend to trade it live straight away. Backtest it using backtesting software, see where you are comfortable in entering trade for just 10 pips. See which money management suits you using this system. Find out in what way you can disicipline your self in using this system.

Enjoy my ebook!


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