Profit loss Cycle

Every now and then, a trader losses a trade and win a trade. Its part of nature, even in chart, it has its top and bottom. But if you continue on with consistent same approach , your average win will surpass your number of losses. With that nett you need to maintain. A good example will be using the Monday accelerator trade setup. It is very specific, and I love it. You whether have a trade setup or not for the week. If you had a loss, meaning that the week is just not performing for that particular pair and system. But once you gain a win, it is awesome win! Bigger than its losses.

It takes patience not to trade at the feel of the moment. But it takes a lot of backtesting also to know well about the system and pair. Any system approach, you have to know that when you lose, there will bound to win next time. Its just part of life. IN backtesting you will realise it while backtesting in a loss and profit on a number of rows.

Then it takes discipline, the same way you backtest, stick to one approach. 1 system and 1 pair. Once you gain the experience, you backtest other pairs that has the same potential. The Concept of LEAP

Learn the System first. Be an expert on 1 particular system.

Experiment by backtesting 1000’s and 1000’s of trades using backtesting software. Ask specific question about backtesting. Make new rules or re invent something you had an idea from.

Accountable, be accountable of your progress in backtesting, training and even in trading. Let somebody know to have a feedback that can criticise your weakness. Do a SWOT analysis. Make a review so it becomes a record of timeline and performance for past weeks or months even years.

Profitable , after all the hard work, I am sure you feel ready to trade and be profitable. Evaluate every time you trade.


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