2011 Plan

I have already laid out a plan that I thought about deeply. With using the sub account. So my plan for the year 2011 is already set in motion and carried out as per planned. I have now a target goal and also the money management required to carry out the Monday accelerator, Vortex and CTDP. Attached is the spreadsheet. MA and vortex plan marginal stoploss

The Idea behind it is, to use the sub account as a stoploss, meaning we leave to marginal loss. Every profit made, we transfer it to add to the main account in order to maintain my main account and also gauge the level of discipline. I will update further more during the end of month and review of my trades.

With My other account in Nordmarket Institutional Brokerage, My trade as planned will also carried out the same plan, of course, I will just skip to the part of the planned where according to my size of capital as well.


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