My week with student traders

I really love the atmosphere of doubts among students learning how to trade like a predator. Most of my students are so eager to trade Live. I spit out the first word they don’t like to hear, DO NOT TRADE while learning. I keep on telling them to backtest first before persuing anything stupid than trading Forex Live.

Over the years, people tend to trade eager to make things too soon to satisfy their needs. In matter of fact, everything takes patience and time. Nobody can make a million overnight. It is just imppossible. And thats part of reality that they should realise. Trading Forex requires a high discipline and to master one self psychology. Facing our own fear and maintaining a sane focus on your trading is far more difficult than trading it self.

Trading is easy. Pyschology is far beyond and takes time to control. If you are in control, then your trade is controlled by discipline but not fear it self that manifestated.



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