Greed is Good?

Greed is a destructive emotion that instills in a traders heart and minds. Looking at your equity long to make you think that nothing is enough to satisfy on how much you need to gain that amount. How do we limit our self to avoid unnecessary over trading ?

The answer is Fear. If we fear too much, we are not going anywhere. If we are minimizing our fear by methology, then we are in control. I my self  still face this delimma every trade I make. BUt I make it clear that everytime I enter a trade, I am thinking the risk, not the profit. I fear the outcome may or may not result in acceptance or denial. This are the things that we must think deeply about and to make sure that it does not present it self during trading, Backtesting you money management and system thoroughly. A 10 years worth of data backtesting it is a great way to make your expertise matured instilled into our head and mentally and emotionally.



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