What a Blood Bath!!

To think That my worst week. This week was my worst trading. I think I held it responsible because I was again over trading, revenge trading and I got emotionally attached to the trade this week thus causing my trade to be in a loss in 4 consecutive rows! F*&^K  that. Anyway, thats that, the most important thing in trading is, you just continue on, keep on winning again next week. Concentrate on the Now event, or on the Now Market COnditions.

As we all know, there was much positive fundamental on some of the major pairs, so this got my system hammered of sudden news event. Other than that, I think waht important was I break my rules of stopping the trade after that 2 loss initially. So I still blame my self to be more responsible and discipline to follow that safety rules I had in my Plan. To never get emottionally attach to a trade is so difficult to train my self this year. SO before this year ends, I am dedicated my self to train my discipline to be less emotionally attach to any trade and let the trade do by it self.

As to meaning DOn’t F@#% around , let it go You B$%^&*d. I am just so angry still. So I am taking the week off early from trading , concentrate on family first, then business, then trade!



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