Worth the Weekend

It has been a busy week for me. After taking the weekend with a nice getaway with my kids, me reading my book. Slee p my self in the afternoon. What a relief sensation it is to my mental states. A sure worth the pleasure in easing off from my computer all day long. After the evening, went checking my mail stress free, and then close my pc and went to bed.

Taking more sleeps will make me fresh in the morning for another round of Monday, Trade, Business admins and a driver for my kids. That is 3 job per day and I am having fun of it finally. After a few years being offshore and never since quite a lot my children grow, I think I deserved this big break and also a job of my own boss. Love it! And the best of it, I have a positive attitude to my trading concept and enjoying trading for a living for the very first time in 2010, full time instead of part time.

This is what I called the life of a trader!


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