The 3 little tricks

I found this on a blog , to keep everything low, I just won’t mention it. But it does fairly sounds alright.
1. Understand the basics of technical analysis. You don’t need to be a quant-geek to be successful.
2. When the fundamental and technical outlooks for a currency differ, always side with the techs.
3. When the fundamental and technical outlooks for a currency converge, go for it! Take a more aggressive position than normal.

I might consoder no.3 a good idea but may also a bad idea. I don’t know if anyone does it, may be some do. I would only do it with a 10% risk maximum to aggresive my trade than normal. My normal is anywhere less than 5%. Though the reward may be overwhelm and can cause euphoric hysteria but the risk is far more the same and can cause near death experience.

Though this trick is good if you included in your plan but in addition to it, be warned the consequences of choices and decision. I would go back my long time ago training about feedback cycle. The worst you can think of is fighting on yourself to accept and psychology plays a bigger role in trading and is a major role criteria.

What’s worth, I think its a good reminder for the any traders alike.


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