A Thin line Confidence

There are times when Euphoria sets in and the trader become more euphoric than ever. COnfidence from initially normal to Fear to Very ultra high. To think that emotions are far more volatile than the market it self in trading. There are spikes that sends a signal to our very brain and this signals some kind of sentiments to the fingers to trade or not.

Fear is important, it may save you or it may destroy you. Either way, this are to be controlled in trading. The level of brain and subconscious should be kept high in order to control viciously this emotion in trading. Novice traders at the start of their trading carreer will be in high hopes, high confidence and fear as well but not too fear. Amazingly sometime novice trader tend to have a habit after a lucky trade made them into believing that the way they trade is good and safe. Including overleveraging, revenge trtading, over trading, trading for feel of a moment, and so many others.

Some believe a system they read is perfectly good or believe that this and that are easy. Though to grasp a skill and discipline takes times and years to manifest. But in the end, it is worth the practice. The word practice makes perfect may seems easy, but with hard work, it is a key component to be professional in trading ability and discipline.

To be in the 10% group is probably a far more achievement, but not that really important. To be consistent and earning your self, is far important then trying to be a hard core super trader.


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