Weakness Dollar Sentiments

Today, my fundamental report that, the decline in the Euro might spark a further bullish. Most of the fundamentalist might theoritically say just about that on the current market sentiments. Technically speaking, or statistically , the price actions and the current conditions is just to premature to say another bullish because it has prematurely bullish it self for the past week or so. I still stands for the reversal at 1.4150 and possible risk associate with it might be fundamentally or not. But there are times when fundamental sentiments affect much and deny the probabilities of technical traders alike.

Today I am giving a free webinar series and the topics covered are basicaly that are available from my 1 on 1 Super traders programme. And I am giving it for free on this friday , because it is friday. I just love to give free services on Friday. Today I had more students and customer registering to my services. It seems the word of mouth are far more better marketting strategy than any means of media.

Recap. Dollar Weakness = Strong Majors against it. BUT Statistically Over extended Bullish = Big reversal. So there is 2 things here to think of. If we are unsure, We don’t trade. But If we are confident and accept that there is risk bound to be happening at 1.4150, then that is just 10% risk that are wrong, the rest are high probabilities outcome.



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    I like the new layout, very clean.

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