Risk Free Mode

Just I anticipated on the reversal. At least thats what I like to see when a plan goes in place. I short the pair at 1.4150 and now is breakeven on the position of the stoploss. So it is a risk free trade. When Do I get out ? I am trailing this about a 150 pip distance. So, I am out when it touches the 1 hour 800 SMA. That is my exit strategy.

As soon as Bernanke speaks, the price just went towards the number I want to sell. It was volatile, I could get at least 1 pip higher on the entry, so it immediately slipped exactly at 1.4150.At least the Economic data was out in positive. This sure is a better that I expected. And also trigger the reversal that I expected. We will see how this hold into next week. I am happy I made the alert to my subscribers, I hope they are in the trade as I do.


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