Seeing the Doctor

Looks like I will be seeing Mr.Dr.Ravi. He is the Head Surgeon , HOd for the cosmetic surgery. Be advice, I AM NOT DOING any PLASTIC SURGERY. I had my cancer removed last week. It was a pain experience and I felt good after the doctor announce all the cancers are gone now 100%.

Here was the picture during my Surgical ICU ward after the operation.


One thought on “Seeing the Doctor

  1. Vibol says:

    Hi Haji, I’d just like to share this story with you about my co-worker. There are 3 of us running an engineering department in a small Tool & Die company in canada. Last year around this time he came to work and around lunch time I asked him a question. He would say one sentence and stop than would try again and again. so I told him not to answer it until he felt ok. After that I saw him sit and stair at the computer screen without doing any work, then he started to screem at me and went into a seizure. We call an ambulance for him and he got 2 more seizures. the next day they found out that he got brain tumor Level 2 I think. Too bad that his wife have no job and he doesn’t have life insurance and he is only 35. Now he’s on chemotherapy drugs so he can work part time which is ok but I notice that he gets mad really easy and he told me he still have micro seizures from time to time so he can’t drive. That was the first time I witnessed a seizure, any how if you don’t mind me asking what kind of cancer did you have? If you don’t feel comfortable taking about it I understand.
    The reason I first notice you and your blog was from an interview with Trading Heroes and you said you found out that you had cancer, but never said anything after, and you like to play game while waiting for the trade to setup which to me is what I want to be in the future.

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